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Welcome to Florida Health Freedom Action

Protecting Floridians’ Constitutional right to use the gentle, natural health therapies and practitioners of their choice.

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Florida Health Freedom needs your Action NOW!!

Dear friends and family: Florida Health Freedom Action is seeking to raise $350,000 by November the 10th to fund a legislative campaign to clarify that licensure isn’t required for practitioners of gentle therapies primarily intended to affect the human energy field – such as laying-on-of-hands, homeopathy and Reiki. The state’s harassment of good people who are doing no harm, through arrests, fines and shutting down their businesses, has recently reached unprecedented levels. I hope that you will donate $200 or more to our nonprofit organization’s work and forward this message to your interested friends and colleagues, urging them to do the same. I hope that you publishers will print an abbreviated version of this message as soon as possible. I am breaking tradition and sending this request to my friends and family as well. Thank you for any support you can provide. Sincerely, Deborah J. Miller, J.D. Director of Legislative Affairs, Policy and Legal Consultant Florida Health Freedom Action

Florida Health Freedom needs your Action NOW!!

October 25, 2007

URGENT! Florida Health Freedom needs your Action TODAY

Dear Practitioners and Clients: In a year’s time you could be informed that energy workers can finally practice legally in Florida! You and only you can make this event a reality! How? If You and 10 of your clients and friends donate a minimum of $200 to Florida Health Freedom Action by November 10th, we can raise sufficient funds for future peace of mind! The spotlight is now on whether the law requires energy workers to be licensed.  Despite the absence of evidence that therapies to affect the human energy field are harmful, the Department of Health recently interpreted the law to require licensure of hands-on energy workers.  Last month, it went further and ordered a hands-off Reiki practitioner to close her practice or risk fines and criminal penalties. Florida Health Freedom Action disagrees with the Department’s interpretation.  Our legislature must pass a bill to clarify that therapies which are primarily intended to affect the human energy field aren’t regulated. Our past efforts to pass health freedom legislation for a variety of practitioners of low and no risk therapies have not succeeded.  However, we believe that legislation focused on the most benign group of therapies – energy work – will meet less opposition.  Our success will be the first step towards creating health freedom for practitioners of all gentle, natural health therapies. We urge all practitioner groups to support this effort.

Join this fundraising drive to raise $350,000 by November the 10th for Action’s ongoing financial obligations and a campaign to pass this legislation for you and your clients.

Donations to “Florida Health Freedom Action” can be made by mail or through this website.

Our Vision

To protect your right to choose the natural health therapies and practitioners that you decide are right for you. These therapies include herbs, vitamins, homeopathy, energy work and other gentle, natural health therapies. To enhance consumer protection by empowering you to make informed choices of Natural Health Therapies and practitioners. The Facts: American are increasingly choosing Natural Health Therapies for themselves and their families. Most often, these therapies are used in conjunction with conventional medical care.
The Problem: Your right to use gentle, natural health therapies is in serious jeopardy.
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The Solution: Your legislature must pass The Consumer Health Freedom Act to protect your Constitutional right to use the gentle, natural health therapies and practitioners that you decide are best for you. Read more facts and an Overview of the Consumer Florida Health Freedom Act.

What Can You Do?

  • Sign up at Florida Health Freedom Action’s website to receive updates.
  • At critical times, we will ask you to contact your legislators and demand that they vote to protect your health freedom rights.