Everything You Need to Know About the World of Powerlifting

Everything You Need to Know About the World of Powerlifting

From building as much lean muscle mass to lifting the heaviest plates on a bar, powerlifting is a sport that enables you to get stronger, stay fit, and become more confident. Powerlifting is a sport that enables you to gain muscle mass, stay fit, and become more confident. In this article, we will discuss some details about the sport that you should learn and keep in mind.

What is Powerlifting?

Powerlifting is known as the “world’s strongest sport.”

So, what exactly is powerlifting? Powerlifters compete to see who can squat, bench press, and deadlift the greatest weight in one rep. They are scored based on body weight and age, and they have three tries to reach their maximum weight. The one with the most powerlifting wins.

As you can see, powerlifting is a sport that challenges your physical strength. We’ll go over the rules of the sport, how powerlifting differs from other activities, the differences between raw and equipped powerlifting, and who participates in powerlifting.

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Discussing Powerlifting in Depth

The Basics of Powerlifting

Powerlifting is an individual sport in which the aim is to obtain the highest squat, bench press, and deadlift in a certain weight and age group.

Athletes must make three efforts to attain their maximum potential and must adhere to particular technical criteria in order for everyone to be compared on a level playing field. If everyone squats to a certain depth, for example, the lift will be rejected.

The best squat, bench press, and deadlift of an athlete are added together to form their “powerlifting total,” which is used to compare athletes. So having a strong bench press does not guarantee being a strong powerlifter.

Powerlifting Federations

Powerlifting is governed by a number of federations throughout the world. Technical specifications, weigh-in processes, and drug testing policies vary somewhat amongst federations.

Nonetheless, the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) is the most influential regulating body, with over 100 member nations. The International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) attracts the greatest natural powerlifters and is the world’s most competitive drug-free federation.

With a presence in all 50 states, USA Powerlifting is the IPF affiliate in the United States.

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Bodyweight & Age Categories

Athletes compete in bodyweight and age categories in powerlifting competition.

The following are the bodyweight classes:

  • For Men: 59kg/130lb, 66kg/145lb, 74kg/163lb, 83kg/183lb, 93k/205lb, 105kg/231lb, 120kg/264lb, 120kg/264lb+
  • For Women: 47kg/103lb, 52kg/114lb, 57kg/125lb, 63kg/139lb, 72kg/158lb, 84kg/185lb, 84+kg/185lb+

If you are a sub-junior or junior athlete, you can participate in an additional bodyweight category – 53kg for men and 43kg for women.

The age groups of powerlifting are as follows:

  • Sub-Junior: 14-18 years old
  • Junior: 19-23 years old
  • Open: Anyone can compete
  • Master 1: 40-49 years old
  • Master 2: 50-59 years old
  • Master 3: 60-69 years old
  • Master 4: 70+

Levels of Powerlifting Competition

Levels of Powerlifting Competition

You can compete at five different levels depending on your ability and desire. You must normally compete at each level in the order shown below to advance to the next level.

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1. Local Powerlifting Competition

Beginners in powerlifting will start by competing in a local competition held by a gym or powerlifting organization. Certain weight classes may have only a few competitors since competition is not always as fierce. At this level, it is not about ‘competing against someone else,’ but about doing your best for your own unique talents.

2. State or Provincial Powerlifting Competition

You may be able to compete in the State or Provincial Championships after a few local contests. Participation at this level is subject to a number of requirements in each jurisdiction, such as competing in a number of local tournaments or meeting a qualification threshold. At this level, you may face more opponents your age and weight class.

3. Regional Powerlifting Competition

A regional competition pits you against some of your area’s best lifters.

There are qualification requirements to compete in a Regional Championship, as the goal is to raise the level of competition at these events. However, not every country has a large enough population to host a Regional Championship.

4. National Powerlifting Competition

The top lifters from each state/province/area compete in the National Championships. These competitions feature a stringent qualification process that requires you to lift a particular powerlifting total for your weight and age class. The rivalry is fierce at this level, with many people competing for the post.

5. International Powerlifting Competition

Athletes who win in their weight class and age group are picked for the National Team. These athletes frequently remain on the roster for a whole year, allowing them to compete in any international tournament, including the World Championships. You are now one of the most powerful persons on the planet.

IPF Points_ Determining The Best Overall Lifter

IPF Points: Determining The Best Overall Lifter

Participants compete in weight and age classes, as previously stated, and their powerlifting totals decide who places first, second, and third.

Athletes can also win the “Best Overall Lifter” title, which is based on the IPF Points system. The IPF Points system compares competitors in various weight classes quantitatively.

It is just a measure of “relative strength,” or the capacity of someone heavier to lift more absolute weight than someone lighter. Someone who weighs less may be stronger due to their relative body weight.

In this case, the IPF Points method is applied. In powerlifting, IPF points are calculated by multiplying your total and weight by a coefficient. At the completion of the powerlifting competition, each participant earns one award based on IPF Points to decide the “Best Overall Lifter.”

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The Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate

The Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate is a sports club that is based in the United States of America. The club aims to provide a safe environment for weightlifters and powerlifters. It also provides a platform for people to achieve their goals in the powerlifting world.

This powerlifting club is focused more on competition and meets rather than the day-to-day training. This means that the club is not always available to answer questions or help with training. However, they can guarantee that with their help, people who have a goal in powerlifting can achieve it efficiently. The Revolution Powerlifting Syndicate offers strength and conditioning coaching, as well as powerlifting instruction. They also provide training facilities of all levels in order to help people reach their goals.

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